sâmbătă, 11 aprilie 2009

Suzy Parker and Dorian Leigh - supermodels of the past

    Documentandu-ma pentru esarfa "Pertegaz" am descoperit un articol despre fotomodelul Susy Parker si sora ei la fel de faimoasa, Dorian Leigh. Imaginile sunt atat de frumoase incat m-am gandit ca impatimitele de vintage nu trebuie sa le rateze. Si aici veti gasi niste imagini fabuloase.
    In acesta imagine Susy Parker poarta o rochie Pertegaz

Suzy Parker in Pertegaz, 1954 - Henry Clarke

Aici poarta o alta creatie Pertegaz, in restaurantul Villa-Rosa din Madrid
Vogue martie 1954 - Henry Clarke
Suzy Parker si Coco Chanel 1962 - photo by Richard Avedon

    Despre sora ei mai mare, Dorian Leigh, am aflat din "The Independent" ca ea este adevarata Holly Golighlty.
Dorian Leigh
Dorian Leigh models a John Frederiks fedora hat in the 1940s - Getty

Mai jos cateva randuri din articol:
"An icon whose look and style defined the fashion world of the 1940', Dorian Leigh is widely regarded as having been the first "supermodel".   ......
A friend of the writer Truman Capote, who called her "Happy Go-Lucky", Leigh is thought to have been the inspiration for his most famous literary creation Holly Golightly, the free-spirited heroine of his novella Breakfast at Tiffany's."

In 1980 a aparut autobiografia ei